Chara/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — A lot of focus in the Bruins’ Eastern Conference quarterfinal series with Montreal is going to fall on Boston captain Zdeno Chara, and not just because of his gargantuan size or his all-world defensive play.

Chara has not returned to Montreal since the March 8 incident when he hit Max Pacioretty into the stanchion between the benches. Pacioretty was diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae and severe concussion. He has since resumed skating ahead of what was originally forecast.

In the aftermath of the incident, Chara said he wanted to call Pacioretty to wish him well and assure him he didn’t mean to injure him so severely on what the league deemed a “hockey play.” Today after practice at Ristuccia Arena, Chara was asked if he reached out to Pacioretty yet.

“Yes we talked,” said the captain.

A Bruins media relations representative cut off the scrum before Chara could expand on his answer, if he was going to.

It sounds as though both players have buried the hatchet. We’ll see how much venom remains for Chara once the Bruins-Canadiens series shifts to Montreal. Chara’s not expecting anything much different than he’s encountered in the past.

“It’s been like that for years. And really, it’s not going to be any different, “he said. “So basically, we all have to just focus on the game and play our game.”