The Bruins did not win the draft lottery tonight.

So they stayed in the slot they were supposed to be in: No. 9, with the second first-round draft pick acquired in the Phil Kessel trade from Toronto. The Bruins already cashed in last June with the drafting of Tyler Seguin and Jared Knight with picks also acquired from the Maple Leafs.

The Bruins had a 2.7 percent chance of moving up to fifth overall. New Jersey actually moved up from No. 8 to No. 4.

I’ll have more on the draft as it gets closer. For now, obviously, it’s all about the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Here’s a look at the draft order as it stands right now for non-playoff teams:

1. Edmonton Oilers

2. Colorado Avalanche

3. Florida Panthers

4. New Jersey Devils

5. New York Islanders

6. Ottawa Senators

7. Atlanta Thrashers

8. Columbus Blue Jackets

9. Boston Bruins (from Toronto)

10. Minnesota Wild

11. Colorado Avalanche (from St. Louis)

12. Carolina Hurricanes

13. Calgary Flames

14. Dallas Stars