Savard/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — At this time last year, the Bruins knew that the deeper they advanced in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the better odds that Marc Savard would return to their lineup before the season ended.

Savard made that triumphant return in the second round after Boston eliminated Buffalo in six games. Savard scored the game-winner in overtime in his first game to cap the comeback.

But there won’t be any of that type of drama this year, and there are no expectations hanging over the Bruins’ series with Montreal that they’ll be able to add their most dynamic offensive player.

Post-concussion syndrome has relegated Savard to the sidelines indefinitely as the Bruins get ready to face the Canadiens in an Eastern Conference semifinal series. That doesn’t mean Savard has been completely forgotten. When asked today about keeping in touch with Savard, head coach Claude Julien had this to say:

“I’ve kept in contact with Savvy every week or so. We communicate, and things haven’t changed in his case, and it’s unfortunate for him. I’m sure he’s going to be sitting at home and watching these games and wishing he could be part of it because as a player that part of you will never leave. And this is the most exciting time of the year, and I know he loved the times that he was in the playoffs. And he was obviously a pretty important part of the success of our hockey club. So will we miss his play? Absolutely. You don’t lose an elite player like him and not feel it.”