Bruins have to hope HuLK Line’s Game 1 hiatus was last one

Lucic needs to show that just because he’s coming off his best all-around regular season and is fully ensconced as a first-line winger, he’s not going to lay off in the playoffs. He can’t play at anything less than that “other level” and neither can his linemates. This is no time for any of Boston’s first-liners to start channeling the ‘80s Edmonton Oilers without the blazing speed and god-like talent. They’re a first line in name only. For intents and purposes, they’re a “grind line” with oodles of talent.

There aren’t supposed to be shifts taken off in the playoffs. Krejci’s line went on hiatus for two periods. That trio has hit its limit for this series. It has to be full-speed ahead until one of the teams wins four games or they’re going to walk off into the sunset Bill Bixby style a lot earlier than they expected.

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