Julien/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — With all due respect to Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers’ old “Weekend Update” bit, there’s only one way to react to Bruins head coach Claude Julien’s answer to a question about his team holding back in Game 1 against Montreal: “Really?”

The Bruins lost 2-0 last night to fall behind by a game in their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series with the Habs. Boston certainly didn’t play as though it was “big and bad. So after days of talking about discipline it’s logical to think maybe the Bruins shied away from the line too much in an effort not to cross it.

But here’s what Julien had to say today after his team practiced at Ristuccia Arena in preparation for Game 2 tomorrow night:

“I think we talk about our team being physical. I think we want to be physical but it also can be a challenge when you feel that you’ve played most of the night with the puck. I mean, we had the puck all night. They didn’t spend too much time in our own end. So our Ds couldn’t really get involved that physically.

“And then when we had the puck in their own end, you’re not hitting when you’re controlling it. I think that was a bit of a challenge. We still got a fair number of hits. But I think that kind of deflated the physical aspect of our game.”

So the Bruins weren’t able to play a more physical game because they had the puck too much. Really? And those loose pucks that came from all the Montreal blocked shots and the times the Habs did pressure in the Boston end, including during three power plays, those weren’t opportunities to make something happen with the body? All I can really say is “Really?”