Thornton/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — In his four seasons with the Bruins, Shawn Thornton has become established as the type of leader that accentuates the positive in the dressing room during dire times.

That was no different today after the Bruins practiced in the aftermath of their Game 1 loss to Montreal.

Thornton’s opportunities to contribute to Boston’s cause in the 2-0 loss that put them down 1-0 in the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series were limited to just seven shifts and 5:10 of ice time.

As always, Thornton didn’t want to ruffle any feathers over his role on the club.

“Whatever works for the team. I’ve been around long enough,” said Thornton. “I’ve sat out playoff games here too. All I want to do is win. I could care less about the other stuff. Whatever the coaching staff feels is best to get the win is what’s important to me.

“You obviously want to play and be a factor but we’re all on the same page here. The coaching staff, the management everyone wants to win just as much as the last guy [on the team]. Whatever is decided, I stand behind it.”

That’s why Thornton is a former captain in the AHL and even if he doesn’t wear a letter with Boston is one of the team’s de factor leaders. One would hope, however, that he’ll get more of a chance to switch the momentum of this series tomorrow night in Game 2.