BOSTON — It’s pretty quiet here at TD Garden, some 3 1/2 hours away from the start of Game 7 between the Bruins and Montreal.

So I had some time to watch and re-watch Jonathan Toews’ game-tying goal from last night. I saw it live and all the Versus replays last night, but I was a little foggy after watching the Bruins and then spending a couple hours writing.

Sure, Chicago lost the game in overtime. But when you watch the effort Toews made to put the puck past Roberto Luongo, you really realize how much the Bruins lack in terms of grit and determination.

Here’s another look at the Toews goal:

In tonight’s Game 7, is there a player in black and gold that’s capable of making such a dire effort? When’s the last time you saw a Bruins player score a goal that made you think he had the heart of a champion?

For all we know, the Bruins won’t need such a valiant effort to beat Montreal. But if they’re going to advance as far as they think they can, sooner or later it’s going to take a Toews-like effort to score a big goal or make a big defensive play. Even if they have “top-four talent” like Cam Neely once famously claimed, do they have “top-four heart”?

I think tonight we’re going to find out if they even have top-16 heart.