Chara hits Pacioretty

It seems now that the Bruins have disposed of Montreal in a hard-fought seven-game Eastern Conference quarterfinal series, Max Pacioretty has decided to do more than just agitate through Twitter.

The Canadiens forward went public with his forgiveness of Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara nearly two months after Boston’s captain hit the Canadiens youngster into the stanchion at the Bell Centre. Pacioretty is on the road to recovery from a fractured vertebrae and severe concussion.

Bill Beacon of Canadian Press reported the story. Here’s what Pacioretty said:

“I think he regrets what he did and I forgive him because he definitely made an effort to contact me and go out of his way to tell me how he felt. I respect him for that.

“It’s a fast game and it’s tough to make a decision in a second. Fortunately now I’ll be ready to go next season.”

Don’t you get the feeling someday these guys are going to be teammates? Anyway, maybe Pacioretty’s public comments will calm some of the outside furor that continues since the March 8 hit. Of course, he had to time his comments for after the series, so he wouldn’t show any forgiveness for the enemy — which I guess is all right.