Lucic has to come alive/By S. Bradley

I’ve been singing the praises of Philadelphia’s team since almost the start of this season.

While I didn’t pick them to win the Eastern Conference in the preseason or once the playoff started, the Flyers have still impressed me with their vaunted three-line attack and a top six on D that’s maybe matched by just one or two other teams in the league.

Earlier, I presented my keys to victory for both the Flyers and the Bruins. You can tell just by reading those keys that it’s hard to come up with reasons that the Bruins will be able to reverse last spring’s result against Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference semifinal series that starts Saturday.

Even one of the Bruins’ keys might not be all that key. Bruins head coach Claude Julien took the words right out of my mouth this morning when he said:

“Everybody is questioning their goaltending, but their goaltending has always seemed to do the job.”

You can count me among the ones no longer questioning Brian Boucher or any of his crease colleagues. So if the Flyers can just get very good goaltending to Boston’s great goaltending, that would open the door for their over-talented offense to shine.

While the Flyers might have two top lines right now, the Bruins are without one. It’s unlikely the Rich Peverley line will be able to continue to contribute at the rate it did against Montreal when matched up against the Flyers’ defense. So far, the Bruins’ would-be top line has been a no-show in the postseason, so you can’t give them a chance in heck to be effective against any of the Flyers’ top four on the back end.

Basically, I see this series shaking out with the Bruins finally playing one great, 60-minute, all-around game (something they failed to do against Montreal in seven outings) and the Flyers’ goaltending faltering one time so that they have to switch goaltenders at least once. And I don’t see the Bruins getting more than those two games.

My pick: Flyers in 6