PHILADELPHIA — To hear the Flyers tell it after their Game 1 loss and on the off day prior to tonight’s Game 2 at the Wells Fargo Center, there wasn’t even another team on the ice for the Bruins’ 7-3 win.

The Flyers have lamented the mistakes and lack of effort they showed in falling behind right off the bat in this Eastern Conference semifinal series with Boston that resumes tonight at 7:30 p.m. Forward Claude Giroux even mentioned that he thought the Flyers “gave them the game.”

Boston, however, isn’t crying over the lack of credit.

“I don’t really care,” said center David Krejci after the Bruins’ morning skate in preparation for Game 2.

“They’re going to see the game they see it, and we’re going to see the game the way we see it. And we’ll just move forward,” said fellow center Chris Kelly.

It’s arguable whether the Bruins’ solid play was more important to the result than the Flyers’ dismal play. But obviously one thing could’ve caused some of the other as well.

Defenseman Andrew Ference understands where the Flyers are coming from with their comments.

“If there’s mistakes in your game, and there’s turnovers, things are magnified in the playoffs. So things aren’t easy to come by, so when you get seven [goals], obviously there’s mistakes and turnovers involved and we capitalized on them,” said the blueliner. “We shouldn’t get used to that many turnovers or breakdowns.

“It’s not offensive to say that [about giving the Bruins the game] at all. We’d probably say the same thing. When you’re in the playoffs, too, you look more at your own team than you do the other team as far as what to learn your lessons from and what to get better at. That’s just the nature of the playoffs.”

The Bruins would rather have a 2-0 series lead when tonight’s over than credit from the Flyers anyway.