Bruins believe in Seguin, now rookie must reward that devotion

“Right now, it’s crunch time. It’s about winning, and as I mentioned to him, it’s not so much about being patient and seeing things, it’s more about the results right now. It’s going to be important that he give us some results and results for him would be certainly competing really hard in all areas and utilizing his skills to create some scoring chances and some goals.”

With his skill set, just a little hint of a junkyard dog would allow Seguin to give the Bruins what they need. They’re not asking him to score a hat trick or bloody Vinny Lecavalier. They just want to see having him spend nine months around the NHL has actually matured him the way they think it has.

There will come a time years from now when Seguin will yearn for the days of getting fluffy words from his coach and GM just for practicing well. Right now, he has to take advantage of the kindness and prove to everyone the efforts to comfort him haven’t gone to waste.

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