The Bruins are on the verge of getting bumped down the historic playoff-series collapse list … again.

If Detroit can prevail in tonight’s Game 7 of its Western Conference semifinal series at San Jose, it will be just the fourth team in NHL history to overcome an 0-3 deficit. And the Sharks will be ahead of the 2010 Bruins when people harken back to “this hasn’t happened since …”

This is the second time in these playoffs that the Bruins were almost bumped down the list. Chicago pushed Vancouver to seven games in the first round after trailing 0-3. The Blackhawks lost the final game in overtime.

Honestly, if ever there was a series that never felt lopsided even when it was 3-0 Sharks, it’s this one. Five of the six games have been decided by one goal, and the sixth included an empty-net goal for a two-goal spread. Four times the winning team has trailed entering the third period.

Game 7 promises to be as close as the previous match-ups. As a Bruins fan, you might be pulling for Detroit both because of your desire to not be as associated with a historic downfall and to see Joe Thornton fail again. Or maybe you’re still holding out hope for a Bruins-Sharks Stanley Cup final.

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