Savard/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — Last week Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli said he thought injured center Marc Savard might make his way to Boston to catch some games in the Eastern Conference Final, which starts tonight at the TD Garden.

The Bruins PR staff confirmed Savard would not be making his way down from Peterborough, Ontario in time for tonight’s Game 1. But head coach Claude Julien said he’s heard rumblings we’ll have a Savard sighting at some point in this series with Tampa Bay.

Savard has been out of action since January, when he suffered a concussion in Denver.

“Well I think he’s supposed to be coming down at some point. I’m not quite sure exactly what day or which game, but he’s supposed to come down,” said Julien. “He might be here on the weekend, for all I know. I heard something about it a while back, and I can’t say I remember exactly.

“But no doubt he’s part of our hockey club. He’s always welcome here any time he wants to come down. And I know he’s trying to get over a concussion that’s really set him back, and we’ve given him that space, and that time. And being around the family is a good way to help yourselves through that also. He’s always been welcome here, whenever he needs his doctors, or he wants to come around the team, he’s welcome to do that.”