Mazel tov! Bruins’ Seguin is now a man on his way to being The Man

“There were a few times where guys who do have experience, like Recchi, and I remember a specific time, Shawn Thornton came up to me. It was the beginning of the second round and he just came up to and said, ‘Look, kid, If we’re going to the Cup, you’re going to get an opportunity to play, just because injuries are part of the game. Have fun with it. Enjoy the ride. Take it all in and use it as a learning experience,’” recalled Seguin. “So I looked at [watching from] up top as an opportunity as well. It was tough watching, but I tried to take it as an opportunity and when I got the chance to come in, I just wanted to seize it.”

Seize it he did. Tyler Seguin is now a man. Mavel tov and siman tov to him and the Bruins. They can now dress 12 men at forward from here on out. And it might not be long until Seguin is The Man.

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