Bruins can’t be distracted by Boucher’s mind games before Game 7

Regardless of how Game 7 goes, no one will be able to accuse Boucher of not doing everything in his power to have every angle covered and give his team every advantage. While Julien might have the smooth, shiny head, it’s Boucher who has the glare, scar and brainpower to turn a rag tag franchise into a Cup semifinalist and keep his team on track even when down 3-1 in a series against Pittsburgh or down 3-0 in a Game 4 against Boston.

The Bruins have done an exceptional job throughout this postseason of blocking out outside distractions. The circus-like atmosphere in Montreal, which was amped up 10 fold in the aftermath of the Zdeno Chara/Max Pacioretty collision, didn’t send them off course. Starting out a series in the hostile environs of Philadelphia, with the ghosts of last season’s collapse looming over them, barely slowed them down on their way to a sweep.

Now they’ve overcome the talent gap they have up front against Tampa Bay and got by without Bergeron when he was injured. They’ve reached Game 7 despite every attempt by Boucher to soften their resolve with a turn of phrase or praise.

To let Boucher’s mind games get to them now would put everything they’ve worked for for eight months to waste. The temptation is huge, but they can’t let anything by a Game 7 victory be first and foremost in their minds.

The Bruins have to keep their heads and keep their razor-sharp focus on hockey. Because if they’re going to try to win the mental battle with Boucher, they’ll lose.

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