Picking on Kaberle not worth it now that he’s helped Bruins to Final

“Kaberle is such a great player,” said center Chris Kelly. “I’ve thought that since my, I think my first game was against Toronto in the NHL. Being from the Toronto area, I watched him. To see him bounce back, he never really gets rattled.

“For him to come up huge is one of the reasons we’re going to the finals.”

The chance to enjoy last night’s accomplishment was part of the reason Kaberle only had one team — Boston — on his OK list for potential trades for the last couple seasons. And it’s part of the reason the Bruins are winners of that deal for now.

“Obviously when you’re making decisions, things happen sometimes for a reason or whatever, you know? I just played it by ear. I’m happy to be here and I’ll do my best to help this team,” he said.

In some demented way, maybe the scrutiny worked in Kaberle’s favor. It caused him to retreat to the familiar advice of his family and rethink his approach to the game. Had he been traded somewhere where they care less, he might’ve just played out the string until free agency without a hint of improvement.

Now he has bigger goals on his mind.

“It’s great. What can you ask for more? You dream as a kid to be in the finals and hopefully win it,” said Kaberle. “This is a great chance for this team and we’ve got a lot of great players here. We’re going to play hard.”

Kaberle’s style of play might cause more stomach aches over the course of the Cup final. He might continue to finally emerge as a comfortable, confident back-line force. Whatever the future holds for Kaberle, it won’t be from lack of support from his family and teammates. Maybe a little more support from us outsiders would do him some good as well.

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