Kid’s confidence could come in handy for Seguin, Bruins in Final

“I think he’s grown a lot from the end of the regular season to that first game he played in the playoffs. And whatever the reasons are we tried to handle it the best we could and him being around the team and warm-ups and then when he got his chance I think he took advantage of it,” explained Julien. “But I see a more confident Tyler in the playoffs. As he also mentioned, he’s going to areas where before he was going there but probably not going in there with lots of confidence. And I think the fact that he’s got that confidence, he’s skating a lot better, he’s confident in making some plays. And for that reason he was kept in the lineup.

“I mean to certain people you look at his game and say, ‘well he’s got those six points but didn’t produce.’ But that’s not an issue with us. I think what we look at when we look at Tyler is what he brings on a nightly basis shift by shift. And even though he hadn’t scored, he still created some plays, he still created some opportunities. And that’s what you need from him. So he’s been good and we’ve had to take somebody out of the lineup to make room for him that also deserves to be in there. And I think the whole situation hasn’t been easy, but our guys have handled it like real pros and it’s about the team right now. And we’re happy with what he’s brought and how it’s been handled.”

Regardless of what happens to the Bruins in this upcoming Cup Final, you have a feeling they’re in for a few more appearances among the NHL final two in the years ahead with Seguin as a centerpiece. He might not have put up the type of numbers you expect from someone of his skill set, but the experience he’s gained being around a championship-caliber team has to be more valuable than logging a lot of minutes for a loser.

And since he’s understood that from Day One and hasn’t let sporadic playing time and healthy scratches turn his self confidence level into self pity, his on-ice skills have shined at times when you least expected them to.

The 2011 Stanley Cup Final could provide yet another surprising stage for Seguin to star.

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