Thomas/By S. Bradley

With the Bruins-Vancouver Stanley Cup Final now just two days away from the starting, the good folks over at the great Canucks blog Orland Kurtenblog got in touch with me for a quick Q&A about the upcoming series.

Here are my answers to their inquiries about the Bruins. Look for their answers to my questions about the Canucks some time before the series starts.

Kurtenblog: Hey Matt, thanks for taking the time. Let’s start with MVP talk — there’s probably no shortage of candidates, but who’s been the most valuable Bruin thus far?

Matt Kalman: You’re right, there are plenty of candidates. Despite a slight dip in his numbers, however, no one has been more valuable than Tim Thomas. He’s had some off games, but he had two shutouts in the conference finals and was brilliant in the pivotal Game 5 against the Lightning. He has been able to shake off poor games and poor periods to come up big throughout the playoffs.

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