The Flasher

The Bruins are obviously game planning around how to stop Henrik and Daniel Sedin once the 2011 Stanley Cup Final against Vancouver opens Wednesday night at the Rogers Arena.

But that doesn’t mean head coach Claude Julien is only focused on the twins or the Vancouver players for that matter. Today during a press conference in Boston, Julien was asked about the “Green Men” whose taunting of the visitor penalty box has made them world-famous.

Julien quickly turned the subject to another penalty-box taunter from the Western Conference Final against San Jose.

“Well I think our guys sent an e-mail asking for the other one that was there to replace them. I think that’s what the guys wanted. So it will be interesting to see, yeah the one not dressed in green, not dressed at all for that matter,” said Julien, referring to the young lady who flaunted her assets at Sharks forward Ben Eager.

“But no, I think those are things that, I think it’s great for hockey, personally,” Julien continued, bringing his answer back to the “Green Men.” “As long as they don’t go overboard and they are trying to be funny. As a player, if I was a player and I was in the penalty box and they were there, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It certainly wouldn’t take my focus off the game. And to me, as long as they don’t cross the line, I think it’s great. It’s entertainment and every rink has its identity, and for them right now, they seem to be retaining all the attention. So we’ll see who sits next to the penalty box when we get there.”

Count this blogger among those who’d rather see the twins than the “Green Men.”