VANCOUVER — Attention Bruins: When on the ice for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final at Rogers Arena Saturday, mind your fingers.

You never know how far some of the Canucks — or at least one in particular — will go to gain an edge.

Alex Burrows showed he wasn’t afraid to put his teeth to work tonight in Game 1 of the Cup Final — which Vancouver won, 1-0 — as he bit Patrice Bergeron during a scrum at the end of the first period. While Burrows claimed that Bergeron put his finger in Burrows’ mouth, the video tells a different story.

“He did. Obviously, he cut me a little bit on my finger,” said Bergeron after the game. “But I’m not going to be here complaining about it, but I’ll let the league do the job. But he sure did.”

Head coach Claude Julien said he hadn’t seen the video yet. But obviously he trusts his star center and perennial candidate for team Lady Byng consideration.

“If that’s the case, it’s a classless move. That’s not something people should be doing,” Julien said.

Burrows was issued a double-minor for roughing. But had the linesman seen the bite, Burrows would’ve been ejected. Luckily, Burrows didn’t factor in the game’s lone goal.

Whether the bite will have an effect on future post-whistle scrums in this series remains to be seen.

“Obviously I don’t mind the rough play in those scrums at the end,” said Bergeron. “As long as it’s just pushing and shoving and all that. But biting? Come on.”