Chara/By S. Bradley

VANCOUVER — Either Vancouver goaltender Roberto Luongo is trying to convince the Bruins they’re not getting any benefit from having Zdeno Chara parked in front on the power play because that alignment is bothering him, or maybe putting the captain at the top of the crease isn’t the best idea Boston’s coaching staff has had.

After he blanked the Bruins last night in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final at Rogers Arena, Luongo was asked to compare Chara’s screening to that of former Chicago behemoth Dustin Byfuglien, who was an irritant to Luongo the last several years in the postseason.

“It’s not the same. Obviously Zdeno is a bit bigger,” said Luongo, who helped the Vancouver penalty kill finish 6-for-6. “On the first power play it was a bit tough to find the puck. But once they got another one, I was able to make a few adjustments, able to see the puck better.

“I think he’s a big body, but at the same time we decided that it’s best if we just leave him alone and let me take care of him.”

One of those adjustments was the Canucks’ ability to move Chara with physicality when necessary. It might take two defensemen to knock him down, but once he’s down he’s almost completely rendered a non-factor.

This is one experiment whose time might be up.