Claude can’t give up on Bruins’ power play just yet

When Kaberle watches video of Game 1, he’ll see the time he failed to shoot when he was open straight on from the goal with both Chara and Nathan Horton parked in front of the net. If ever there was time to get the puck to the crease, it was then. Instead he made a robotic pass over to Dennis Seidenberg for a shot that went right into a Canucks player’s shin pad.

That play wasn’t the reason the Bruins lost or even the reason the power play has now become the delinquent you praise for not getting arrested even though he comes home with all F’s on his report card. What that play is is a microcosm for everything the power play has gone through since the dawn of the 2010-11 season.

Julien’s seemingly endless patience has gotten the Bruins this far. But he shouldn’t let his patience lead to resignation about the power play. He has to continue to juggle lines, shift players and try to find that spark that could make this month notable for more than being the first June the Bruins’ franchise has ever played in.

It could be the first June the Bruins have won the Cup in, or at least scored a power-play goal in. The way things have gone, playing in June doesn’t even seem as rare as scoring on the power play.

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