Bergeron/By S. Bradley

VANCOUVER — The mild cut he’s sporting on the top of his right index finger is Bruins center Patrice Bergeron’s latest battle scar from the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

The veteran was bitten in Wednesday night’s Game 1 loss to the Canucks during a first-intermission scrum by forward Alexandre Burrows. Today the winger learned he was not punished — suspended or fined — by the NHL for his actions.

“I’m over it,” explained Bergeron today as the Bruins took a day off to regroup after their Game 1 loss. “To be honest with you, I’m looking forward for next game. We’ve got to get back in the series. Like I said [Wednesday] night, it’s the league’s decision and I’ll let them make the call, make the decision. It’s theirs. So I have nothing else to say about it.”

While the league claimed there was no “conclusive” evidence, a video widely available online shows Burrows not only accept Bergeron’s finger into his mouth, but biting down. The cut is just further evidence.

Nonetheless, Bergeron will battle on with his team down 1-0 in the series. And Burrows will be out on the ice as well for Game 2 Saturday night.

“He’s been playing great since the beginning of the season, so we’re pretty happy,” said Vancouver forward Maxim Lapierre about the lack of a suspension for his teammate.

Burrows is the Canucks’ fourth-leading scorer in the playoffs and the third member of their top line alongside Henrik and Daniel Sedin. So Vancouver didn’t want to have to play without him.

“We need him out there,” said Daniel. “He plays in every situation. [He’s a] big part of this team. Obviously we’re happy to have him inside the rink.”