Lucic/By S. Bradley

VANCOUVER — He might be just trying to fire up himself and/or his teammates, but Bruins forward Milan Lucic has suddenly created a media war where only one side is doing any fighting.

Both after Wednesday’s loss to Vancouver in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final and Friday after the Bruins’ last practice before Saturday night’s Game 2, Lucic has referred to a media that doesn’t give the Bruins much chance of winning, and wanting to prove the pundits wrong.

But then when asked about his excitement for Game 2 and a chance for redemption, he answered:

“Yeah, as media goes, obviously we can’t control what you guys say. That’s why we try not to watch or read too much of what you guys say. For us it’s definitely a big opportunity going into Game 2. We know we have to play better, we need to play better. We need to play the way we did prior coming into this series to give ourselves a chance to win.”

So he doesn’t listen or watch too much of the media, but he wants to prove us all wrong. Which is it, Looch?

Fact is, most people are picking Vancouver because they’re the better team. They won the Presidents’ Trophy and on paper have more talent. It’s just logic, not a personal slight.

If this is all just a way for Lucic to get fired up, well then have at it. But if he thinks there’s some sort of bias against him and his team, he needs to stop being so neurotic.