Green Men

VANCOUVER — While the holding the stick penalty Brad Marchand took late in the first period of Wednesday night’s Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final was admittedly dumb, there was no harm done.

The Bruins killed off the penalty and kept the game scoreless until just 18.5 seconds were left in regulation.

However, the positive result of the penalty was Marchand’s first opportunity to interact with the “Green Men” who reside next to the visitor’s penalty box and come up with creative taunts of opposing players.

“I think they’re just a little embarrassed how they look so they wear those masks,” joked Marchand today after the Bruins practiced at the University of British Columbia in preparation for Saturday night’s Game 2 of the series.

On a Boston radio station earlier in the day, Marchand said the “Green Men” made fun of him because they met a girl he once had an “encounter” with. He got his revenge Nathan Horton style.

“I tried to squirt some water in my mouth. I might’ve missed a bit. It might’ve got on them,” he said with a wry smile.

Now that Marchand’s first encounter with the “Green Men” is over, he can concentrate on not getting near them again in this series. Vancouver’s power play is too dangerous for the Bruins to take penalties, and Marchand is too valuable to be spending time in the box.

“You’ve got to watch your emotions and keep them in check,” said Marchand. “That penalty I took, I was a little rattled. I think it was [Vancouver’s Christian] Ehrhoff that hit me when I was going to the bench. I’ve just got to keep my emotions in check.”