If the Canucks weren’t one of the most hated teams in hockey heading into the Stanley Cup Final, they are now.

With Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre using the game’s biggest stage to bite an opponent and fake an injury better than Brad Pitt, respectively, there aren’t too many people around the NHL that have a measure of respect for Vancouver, despite the Canucks sitting one win from the Cup.

You can count defenseman Kevin Bieksa among those in a Vancouver sweater who don’t care what the Canucks’ critics say.

“At the same time, who really cares about what the guys are tweeting and stuff like that,” said Bieksa about some players who’ve been critical of the Canucks from afar. “If I was on my summer vacation, I wouldn’t be tweeting right now about the Stanley Cup Final, I’d be enjoying it. Consider the sources.”

While his on-ice actions might be despicable, you have to give Burrows credit for embracing the hate.

“Obviously, we probably are,” he admitted today about the Canucks being a despised team. “But we really don’t think about that too much. We’re going to focus in the locker room to get ready for the game, ready to put the best foot forward on the ice.”

That foot forward might kick someone when the ref’s not looking or lift just enough to take a perfect dive after brushing up against a Bruins player. Nonetheless, Burrows and his teammates are on the verge of finishing this season as the champions.