BOSTON — The Canucks don’t sound like a team that’s getting overly excited about their opportunity to win the Stanley Cup with a victory in tomorrow night’s Game 6 at TD Garden.

After all, winning on the Bruins’ home ice takes a lot more than just playing better hockey than the opposition.

According to Vancouver defenseman Kevin Bieksa, prevailing in Boston also takes blocking out the peripheral things that go on over the course of a game in enemy territory.

“I think we realize we have a big game ahead of us. We didn’t play well in the first two games here. We know it’s a big challenge ahead of us,” said Bieksa today after the Canucks practiced. “We know they’re going to be fired up. It’s a very hostile crowd. You can hear them. They’re going all game and yelling and throwing stuff at us and giving us the finger. We expect all that. It’s going to be a fun atmosphere. But we have to stay focused and together as a unit and work together.”

Doesn’t Bieksa know that’s not the finger, it’s just a “glove malfunction”?

Anyway, if there was any question about the Garden fans being a “seventh man” Bieksa just answered them right there.