Julien/By S. Bradley

VANCOUVER — The coaches and one manager of Boston’s four major sports teams keep close tabs on one another over the course of the seasons.

Bruins head coach Claude Julien explained today how thankful he was for a recent call of support from Red Sox manager Terry Francona with Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final looming.

“Well he certainly, he made that effort to reach out to me and called me and just wished me all the luck,” explained Julien. “He said he admired what our team had done this year, and you know he’s the first guy to say, ‘I’m not the most knowledgeable hockey guy’ and he enjoys what we’ve done so far. And certainly he’s on our bandwagon for sure. I know we’ve been on theirs. It just seems, we just seem to blend well, the Sox and the Bruins for sure. We are all cheering for all our local teams, but he’s been good. It was nice of him to reach out to me and I certainly appreciate that.

“We saw Bill Belichick at the game. It’s not always about talk, it’s about action and he showed up and to me that showed me his support and Doc Rivers, the same thing. We’ve ran into each other in the hallway, so I like the way that the coaches in Boston really support each other and certainly I am on of those guys who is in that group.”

Julien can make himself more of that group with a win tonight over the Canucks at Rogers Arena. Each of the other three men has a championship on his resume.