BOSTON — The Bruins have their coaching staff under contract, all but five of their 23 players are signed for next season and they emerged from the 2011 Stanley Cup championship run relatively healthy.

So a repeat should be in the works next season, right?

“Holy cow. You know, my charge is to win. So that’s what I have to plan to do,” said Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli during a press conference at TD Garden today. “So we’re in a good position, we’ve got a lot of the team under contract. We’re in a good cap situation for once. We’ve got some young guys, we’ve got guys that are coming up. My charge is to win so we have to continue to keep that standard.”

If anyone can keep the Bruins near the top of the NHL, it’s obviously Chiarelli. After all, his five-year planned paid off in year five of his stint as GM.

“Well it feels really good. And you know, everyone talks about a plan. Whenever a manager takes a job they always have a plan or else they wouldn’t be doing their job,” said Chiarelli. “And I’ve talked to other managers and managers to be, and talked about certain plans. Pretty much everyone has a five-year plan and so did we.

“And it’s not like it fell exactly into place but we were adding certain elements, certain elements to get to that point. And it’s happened so I’m a genius.

After eliciting laughter, Chiarelli continued:

“But seriously you just continue to pick away at it with the same thing, and you know the performances we got from guys — Tim’s [Thomas] performance is historic — so I guess you know the common theme in the plan was character. I remember talking about hard to play against, closing gaps, it’s character and at the end of the day that’s what I wanted for us.”