Recchi/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — Although he doesn’t plan to jump right into it without taking some time off, Bruins forward Mark Recchi knows what he wants to do now that he’s helped end Boston’s 39-year Stanley Cup drought and called it a career.

“I’d like to stay in the game and we’ll see where that takes me,” he said today at TD Garden before taking off in the Rolling Rally parade. “I’ll take a little time off. I’d like to stay in the game. I like more the management side … I like the building process of building a team. And we’ll see where it takes me.”

There might be a spot in the Bruins’ organization for Recchi, or he could go elsewhere. Wherever he lands, he knows the Bruins are in good hands with general manager Peter Chiarelli and his staff for years to come.

“The pieces are all set there again. The way Peter set this organization up is incredible,” said Recchi. “They’ve got a No. 9 pick again this year. He just keeps stockpiling. It’s set up, the franchise, to be really successful for a long time. He did an incredible job and it’s good to see.

“And obviously ownership, they’ve been willing to spend to the cap and get around the cap. Which for players, when you have championship teams like that, you’re going to have to [spend] if you want to keep them, and there’s always going to be tough decisions they’re going to have to make at some point. I just think, in the salary-cap world, the way Peter’s track record is, he’s done a pretty good job of figuring things out.”

One of those things Chiarelli figured out was to add a character player like Recchi when he could. The GM recently said Recchi is irreplaceable, and he’s right. So it’s great that the Bruins were able to send him on to the next stage of his life on a winning note.