BOSTON — The days of speculating about his job security are long over.

Bruins head coach Claude Julien is fully ensconced in his job now that he’s led the organization to its first Stanley Cup championship in 39 years.

It’s never too early to plan an encore. And today on the team’s break-up day at TD Garden Julien sounded like a man determined to execute a repeat.

“Well there hasn’t been too many repeat champions in a while and the one thing that I know right now, my feeling is I’d like to be one of those,” he said. “Once you’ve been there … you hear those things, once you’ve been there, you want it even more so. And I’m of that feeling. Even yesterday looking at what is going on around, you think, this is a great feeling, I want this again. And I think that’s what motivated a lot of teams to do that.

“To me the biggest thing right now is managing what is going to go on between now and the start of training camp. There is not much time and I think the guys really need to have a mental break, a physical break. And when we do come back we have to be ready to go. So when we do come back we know the importunacy of, at the start of a season, of making sure you’re in playoff position. So we really have to work on that part of it. We have a couple of months to think about how we want to approach that. But I think that’s going to be a really important part of next year.”