Seguin/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — His rookie season taught Bruins forward Tyler Seguin about more than just what it takes to win the Stanley Cup and what type of attention he would get from the opposite sex in the post-championship celebration.

The 2010-11 season also taught the 2010 No. 2 overall pick what he needs to add to his game to stack up better against NHL competition.

“I think I’m still pretty young, so I still have to grow into my body,” said the 19-year-old. “So I’ll take advantage of that and get a lot stronger. I’m sure I want to work on my core and that man strength, just battling in the corners, having a strong stick. So I’ll work pretty good on my core this summer.”

If you’ve seen the recent celebration photos over at, you know that Seguin definitely could stand to put on a few pounds, or a shirt. You also know he might want to bring his aggressiveness from the bar top and dance floor to the corners and the front of the net as an NHL sophomore.

Who would’ve thought that a year after the debate raged between Seguin and Taylor Hall for first overall in the draft, one would be partying at Foxwoods while the other would be waiting to see who his team — Edmonton — would select with a second straight No. 1 overall draft pick?

“I know at the time both Taylor and I kept saying our dream is to the win the Stanley Cup, not necessarily to go first overall,” said Seguin. “It’s still definitely an honor and at the time I still wanted it. I just knew that whatever happened was meant to be.”

Seguin nearly didn’t get a chance to contribute to Boston’s run, as he was a healthy scratch for the first 11 games. But then came Patrice Bergeron’s concussion and some playing time for Seguin against Tampa Bay. With three goals in two games, including two scores in the wild Game 2 victory in the Eastern Conference Final, Seguin made sure he’d be more than a footnote on the title run.

“I think even if you’re not playing, with this group you can still contribute,” he said. “Even though maybe you’d go home angry from the rink, I’m going to come in and even if I wasn’t playing trying to keep a positive vibe especially in the morning skates. So you can still chip in at any time. But still, yeah, definitely you always want to help out on the ice and I was glad that I had that experience and that chance.”

Judging by the party pictures, Seguin obviously knows how to keep things upbeat. If he sticks with hockey instead of a career as a male dancer, he should be in line for a bigger role and impact in this second season with the Bruins.