Ryder/By S. Bradley

For three years with the Bruins, Michael Ryder had some ups and some downs, but most of all, he was overpaid.

Well, that last part’s going to continue in Dallas.

The Stars today signed the former Bruins winger as an unrestricted free agent to a two-year deal at $3.5 million per season, which is down just $500,000 from what he was getting from Boston.

Ryder scored 27 goals in his first season with the Bruins, but combined for just 36 over the final two years of his deal. Of course, his eight goals — not to mention his “save” against Montreal — during the Bruins’ run to the Stanley Cup championship were still fresh in everyone’s minds as the free-agent market opened today. The Star are probably also hoping Ryder and Michael Ribeirio can rediscover the magic they had in Montreal, as ESPNDallas.com points out.

Pending the move the Bruins make to replace Ryder, right now it looks like a wise move to pass on Ryder at such steep a price, considering he doesn’t start playing hard until April. Compared to other ridiculous deals that have been handed out to role players and grinders today, Ryder might be considered a bargain. In a star-studded lineup like the Bruins, he would be a cap-strangler.