Bruins might be Kaberle’s best option now that dust has settled

The place where veterans go to make some money and play in anonymity, Long Island, of course, needs to spend a ton of cash to get to the cap floor, unless they use a bunch of bonuses that will never be reached to cheat their way into compliance. The Islanders have six D under contract, but a puck-mover like Kaberle would go a long way toward adding some punch to the New York back end as a complement to the returning Mark Streit.

It’s been a great free-agent season for a number of average to slightly-above-average talents. Kaberle missed the initial boat. Putting down anchor in Boston and just being glad he’s getting paid seven figures to play at the game’s highest level in a hockey town might be his only chance of not getting left at the dock and avoiding floating on a sinking ship of a team.

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