‘Hutch’ hopes clutch play can continue, impress Bruins

“Just mostly positioning. Especially when you come up to the pro level, positioning becomes so much more important,” said the goaltender about his focus in drills. “You can have any style in the world but if you’re out of position, you’re going to make it that much harder on yourself. So just positioning and depth in the net are the biggest things we’ve been working on.”

Although he has 36 games of pro experience, Hutchinson said he didn’t think twice about wanting to attend another development camp. He figures there’s always more to learn and this camp can sort of serve as a launching point for a summer of workouts and then training camp in the fall.

Assistant general manager Don Sweeney sees decent progress in Hutchinson’s development.

“He’s a big kid, moves well … he does have good puck skills,” said Sweeney. “I mean as much as other teams get a book and shooters get a book, I think Bob’s got a real good feel for what Mike needs to work on and he’s starting to deliver that message. You know, it was a challenging year for Hutch last year. You know, he was up and down a little bit between there and just balancing out, getting him the ideal playing time, the number of shots that we wanted [him] to see. You’re not going to work on some of that stuff in practice, you have to play games. … For the most part, we’re happy with the year of development, but he’s got to continue to work on those areas that Bob and he have identified.”

Hutchinson was confident enough in his chances with the Boston organization to get his plain white mask painted up this offseason with a caricature of Gerry Cheevers’ “stitched-up” mask and Bobby Orr “flying” through the air in 1970. Hopefully he’ll get to wear that mask close to Boston for an entire winter in 2011-12.

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