Realignment plans in The Star would separate Bruins, Habs

But any new structuring of the NHL that doesn’t keep Montreal and the Bruins in the same division so they can fight to the death for a championship — and do it upwards of six times a season — can’t ever be seriously considered. It’s one of those rivalries that even when one of the teams is having a down year, the players and fans still treat the match-up like a playoff game. It’s a reason to buy a ticket, a reason to circle games on your schedule in July and a source of continent-wide, two-country media attention when the clubs lock horns and inevitably create some sort of controversial or unexpected situation.

Making all 30 teams happy with their league and divisional assignments and then creating a schedule that pleases everyone as well, is an unenviable and near-impossible task. Nonetheless, I can tell you without doubt that no plan that separates Boston and Montreal should have a place in anyone’s thought process.

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