Marchand/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — It was hot and humid tonight outside the Boston Common AMC theater, where the Bruins’ 2011 championship DVD was premiered on the big screen.

But in a rare sight, Brad Marchand kept his shirt on.

In fact, the Bruins winger said he was wearing two shirts.

Despite the extra layer, Marchand didn’t seem to be letting the heat get to him. And unlike many Bruins fans, Marchand isn’t sweating the contract talks between his agent Wade Arnott and the club. Marchand is a restricted free agent, which means the Bruins hold the right of first refusal.

“The Cup,” said Marchand about what’s holding up contract talks.

As he explained, a lot of management types have been spending their days with the Stanley Cup, so there hasn’t been a lot of time for talk.

He’s confident a deal will get done. He wants to be in Boston. And at the premier, where he addressed the media in the lobby and then the fans from the front of the theater before the movie rolled, he seemed every bit the consummate Bruin that he was during the season.

His day with the Cup won’t be until the end of August. Until then, he’ll wait for his new day, continue to bask in the glory of the championship and try to stay full clothed — at least in public.