Bruins’ mini mailbag: On Seguin’s position, the Penguins’ and more

Yeah, I’d say that if healthy, they’re definitely one of the key teams the Bruins will have to go through in their attempt to repeat. Even if you’re underwhelmed by the supporting cast, you can’t overlook what effect having two elite talents like Malkin and Crosby has on a lineup. Those two guys make everyone around them better and make it so hard to game plan against.

As much as Chiarelli has put the Bruins in a great position salary-cap-wise, his Pittsburgh counterpart Ray Shero has done the same with his club. The Bruins and Pens could be a great rivalry for the rest of this decade.

Will wrote: With all the rumors around draft day of Boston possibly making a deal for Ryan Ellis, do you think he is a player they will continue to pursue or was this trade only up for grabs because of the pick the Bruins had?

MK: I don’t have any inside info on this one, Will, but here’s my guess: until Dougie Hamilton dropped to the Bruins, they were thinking a defenseman closer to being NHL-ready like Ellis was more attractive than what they were going to get in the draft. I think this deal is completely off the table now with the Bruins’ back end pretty crowded and Nashville possibly needing Ellis to fill in should they have to clear salary to retain Shea Weber.

Digger wrote: Why hasn’t Bobby Orr’s No. 4 been retired across the NHL? He is considered the greatest hockey player to ever play the game by a majority of people and those who disagree usually have him at No. 2 behind Wayne Gretzky, who has his No. 99 retired. What can be done to get the No. 4 recognized and retired by the NHL?

MK: First thing you can do is not let me opine on this topic. I don’t agree with having any number in any sport retired by the entire league.

If the NHL wanted to suggest to people that No. 99 be out of circulation, in particular with the teams that retired it after he played for them, then I was on board. But it’d be even better if players worthy of No. 99 could wear it to honor him. So as far as Orr, I like that guys like Michael Del Zotto can wear it in tribute.

I would guess the league has to draw the line somewhere. If they retired Orr’s number to go along with Gretzky’s, then what do they do about Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard and Patrick Roy? It’s a slippery slope, as they say.

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