Paille/By S. Bradley

There have been numerous great stories involving Bruins personnel and the Stanley Cup so far this summer. And there promises to be even more as the offseason unfolds.

Today the story of Daniel Paille’s day with the Cup in his hometown of Welland, Ontario caught my eye. It really hammers home that no matter how little a players’ role in a championship (not that Paille’s was small, but he was on the fourth line), the folks back home look upon their son as a hero.

Eddie Chau of The Standard covered Paille’s festivities and today and set the tone for his story with this bit of color. Chau writes:

“Paille, Paille, Paille!”

┬áThe chant of Dan Paille’s name could be heard for several kilometres as hundreds gathered outside Welland Civic Square to witness the homecoming of a hero.

Making his way in a Chevy Camaro convertible with his wife Dana, Paille hosted the Stanley Cup into the air as the crowd continued to chant.

A Paille chant? That’s probably something no one has heard since he was skating in junior hockey, or maybe ever. What a great, emotional experience it must’ve been for one of the Bruins’ hardest workers and for his town.

The Cup is staying in Ontario for about another week and I’ll try to relay more stories to you as they come across the “Inter webs.”