Savard/By S. Bradley

A player’s day with the Stanley Cup is usually a day for unbridled joy and celebration.

Obviously, Marc Savard’s day today was mixed with a twinge of disappointment because of the Bruins center’s current health situation.

After flaunting the Cup at a golf course in Peterborough, Ontario, Savard spoke with TSN.

“It’s obviously been a long road for me; I’m still suffering with a lot of daily issues, right now, it’s been a tough go. I’m just trying to get through and not worry about hockey right now, just worry about my health because I have three young kids and they’re important to me.”

“Mornings have been tough. When I get up in the morning I’m a little foggy sometimes. But as the day wears on I’m pretty good. Hot sun is tough; I try to stay in the shade and stuff like that and pop the odd Advil and it seems to be okay.”

It is not known yet whether Savard will have his name engraved on the Cup. But at least the NHL allows for players in his position, having skated in just 25 games last season, to enjoy a day with the Cup.

This latest concussion suffered in January obviously has put his future with the Bruins in doubt. But you can easily point back to July 1, 2006 — the day the Bruins signed Zdeno Chara and Savard as free agents — as the start of the team’s build toward to the 2011 Cup championship. That Savard was willing to be more than just as a scorer and round out his game was another key move toward legitimacy for the Bruins, as he set an example for younger players and legitimized what head coach Claude Julien was trying to do for all his players.

That’s why even though Savard was out of action and unable to travel much after his injury last season, the Bruins did all they could to keep him in the loop. They can take solace in knowing they provided him with some enjoyment.

“The boys battled hard, and it’s tough to watch at times, that’s for sure, but I’m excited and I’m glad because the guys still made me feel part of it,” Savard told TSN about the Cup win.

Regardless of whether he ever plays again, Savard will always be a key figure in the franchise’s turnaround.