Lucic/By S. Bradley

It seems that the folks in Vancouver just can’t seem to move past the Bruins defeat of the hometown Canucks to win the Stanley Cup now two months after the event.

Vancouver native Milan Lucic’s day with the Cup is coming up, and according to a report  in The Vancouver Courier, Lucic has to keep most of the festivities private and for a small group in order to avoid hooligans ruining his celebration.

Lucic’s mother Snezana told Megan Stewart of The Courier: “There is a certain amount of tension right now. It’s not all of Vancouver, just certain individuals.”

Stewart also writes that a planned public event at a local beach and park was scrapped because of the violent way some have reacted to Lucic and the Bruins’ victory.

Stewart writes:

At the annual Greek summer festival that shuts down a section of Boundary Road, the presence of the six-foot-four, 220pound former Vancouver Giant was enough to inspire fisticuffs. Lucic didn’t brawl. But words and then blows were exchanged in the crowd around him-you could say because of him, but that assertion would be false. Poor sportsmanship is the cause. That same seething and riotous beast that awoke when the Canucks Cup destiny wasn’t fulfilled, entrenching the continent’s adopted and perplexing hate-on for the club during the playoffs.

Well, so much for the theory that it was just “anarchists” who rioted after Game 7. Hopefully those who have nothing to do with Vancouver’s poor sportsmanship will get an opportunity to glance at the Cup somehow, someway, if they wish.

Nonetheless, it’s a poor reflection on the city — especially considering the joyous reception the Cup and the Bruins players have received in other areas that have deeper reasons to dislike Boston and the Bruins (Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa).

Here’s hoping Vancouver finds a way to peacefully move on at some point. There’s another season right around the corner.