For nearly a quarter century, Phil Pritchard has been one of the “keepers” of the Stanley Cup.

“I would love for me to win the Cup and someone bring it to me,” he joked during a recent chat with “That didn’t work out, so I’ll bring it to them.”

The Bruins’ Cup tour started not long after they beat Vancouver June 15. By the time the tour ends, the Cup will have visited five countries (U.S., Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Finland) through early September. After the Bruins’ golf tournament, the Cup is scheduled to return to Toronto to get engraved. It then makes a late-September return to Boston so the players can check out their names on the world’s most famous sports trophy.

Pritchard has been on a number of the trips with Bruins players this summer, including Patrice Bergeron’s recent day in Quebec City. Wherever he’s gone, Pritchard’s been overwhelmed by the backers of the Black and Gold.

“What always amazes me is to see how many Bruins fans are really out there, he says. “It’s amazing, especially being in Canada, in Eastern Canada – particularly Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland – there’s a ton of Bruins fans up there because they can pick up the Bruins feed or they could pick up the local Boston station, so that became their team. Especially the older people that used to listen to the game on the radio, that became their team.”