Poll result: Readers want Seidenberg to stick with Chara on Bruins’ D

McQuaid/By S. Bradley

McQuaid showed last season how tough he is and what a solid defender — with his reach and strength — he could be. He also showed brief flashes of offensive ability. While he didn’t put up that many points, he showed a knack for getting his above-average shot on goal and for knowing when to join the play and be in the right place during attack time or even on the rush.

The Bruins have made a commitment to McQuaid beyond this season, so it’s time to see how much more he can bring. It’s also time to see if Seidenberg can be the leader of a Chara-less pair for the long haul. Seidenberg struggled for stretches of last year’s regular season. The opportunity to play with a up-and-comer like McQuaid might do the trick to keep Seidenberg at a respectable level of consistency.

So to recap, here’s what my D pairs would look like:




The Bruins might just go with no set pairs for the first several months next season like they did last year. But if they’re looking to keep things orderly, this is the way they should go.

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