Horton/By S. Bradley

LOWELL, Mass. — A year ago, the Bruins were on the verge of finding out that Marc Savard wouldn’t be able to participate in training camp because of post-concussion syndrome symptoms.

Savard didn’t return to the Bruins’ lineup until December and by the end of January was out again due to a concussion.

Nathan Horton, whose 2010-11 season was ended by a late, high hit to the head from Vancouver’s Aaron Rome that caused a concussion in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, seems to be in a 180-degree different situation than Savard at this point of the offseason.

“I feel pretty good. I don’t have any headaches. I feel back to normal, and I’m excited to finally start playing again,” said Horton before playing in Milan Lucic’s charity softball game at LeLacheur Park.

Horton said that after resting some after the season he began working out and hasn’t had any symptoms. He hasn’t skated yet, but expects to do so within the next week or so.

“I’m definitely not used to not having a lot of time to work out,” said Horton, who with Florida prior to being traded to Boston never reached the playoffs let alone the Cup Final. “Usually I do have a lot of time, so that was a little different, especially with the concussion, I just wanted to go slow and kind of ease into it. I think after such a long year that we had, it’s nice to take time off, but it’s tough to get it back when you do take time off. It’s been good. It feels like we kind of just stopped, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Horton’s summer has been highlighted by his day with the Cup and plenty of celebrating. When it comes time to look ahead to next season rather than look back, he thinks he and the Bruins will be ready to defend the title.

“I think that’s what we want, that’s why we’re here, and it’s definitely going to be tough that we’re on top right now and it’s tough to stay there. I think very one knows that, and everyone’s prepared to play well like we did,” he said.