Savard/By S. Bradley

It was apparent as reports came out over the summer that Marc Savard was still battling symptoms of post-concussion syndrome that the star center’s 2011-12 season would be in doubt.

Today Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli eliminated those doubts and confirmed what we all expected and feared: Savard will not play this season his career is in jeopardy of being over.

Chiarelli made his comments on Savard in a chat with the Boston Globe.

Chiarelli said:

“Marc Savard won’t play this year. Nothing has changed in our monitoring. He’ll be examined and he’ll be declared unfit to play.”

He continued:

“Based on what I see, what I hear, what I read, and what I’m told, it’s very unlikely Marc will play again. Now, knowing the uncertainty of this injury, there’s always a chance [he could play]. But based on what I’m told, it’s very unlikely he’ll play. As an employer, I support him and hope he gets back to living a healthy life.”

Savard recently enjoyed his day with the Stanley Cup in his hometown with his family and friends, so life seems to be improving for the 34-year-old. That hockey doesn’t seem to be in his future is a shame but, as hard as it is to believe, things could be worse. Here’s hoping Savard continues to improve enough that the symptoms don’t linger forever.