Lucic/By S. Bradley

OK, the time for celebrating is just about over.

It’s time for the Bruins to start training camp before the party over the Stanley Cup championship overflows too much and someone actually gets hurt.

Luckily, the Bruins will start captains’ practices later this week and report for the official start of camp next Friday, when they’ll perform their conditioning tests and take their physicals. Milan Lucic’s latest run-in with the law proves that it’s all fun and games — the general debauchery that has been some of the Bruins’ celebrations — until the cops show up.

According to the Boston Herald’s Inside Track, Lucic was questioned by cops early Tuesday after witnesses saw him in a verbal altercation with his girlfriend. No charges were brought against Boston’s left winger. A team spokesperson told the Herald that there would be no official statement from Lucic and that the team was taking care of the matter internally. The Herald said Lucic’s market rep Cleon Daskalakis had this to say:

Daskalakis said Lucic has been under “a lot of pressure” since the B’s won the Stanley Cup, but stressed, “He’s a great guy.”

Ah yes, the pressures of already having won the Cup. We’ve all been there. They’re right up there with losing your job, battling disease … oh, that’s terrible Cup-champion pressures.

Nonetheless, odd statements by marketing gurus aside, it’s probably about time for the Bruins to get at least partially back on the wagon and start thinking about business instead of partying and other mischief. Maybe this incident was given more attention that it deserved, maybe not. It seems that the girlfriend in question, Brittany Carnegie, doesn’t have any problem with anything that happened, as she Tweeted: “Ppl can believe whatever but I assure you this was blown out of cntrl. Either way Milan is a class act and they way he was portrayed and the situation was terrible!”

But either way, people like Lucic have to be much more careful about their actions. Part of winning any championship — especially one that allows players to parade around with super-shiny, silver trophy that seems to have “Pied Piper” capabilities — is more notoriety. Lucic and all the Bruins should use this incident as a refresher about what it means to comport yourself in public and not do anything that could be misconstrued or blown out of proportion. Bare-chested, drunken photos are a hoot and all, but they can open up an individual to all sorts of accusations and compromising situations.

In effect, it’s time to hit the ice and get back to what the Bruins do best.