Horton/By S. Bradley

BOSTON — Nathan Horton had claimed for several weeks that his concussion symptoms were gone.

But today he proved that was the case by going through his physical and conditioning tests on the first day of Bruins training camp at TD Garden.

Concussions are unpredictable, but as of today the Bruins are going forward like normal with their star power forward.

“As we speak right now, everything seems as though it’s a go. There’s been no red flags yet, and we don’t expect any,” said head coach Claude Julien.

The only other health concern for the Bruins would be with Tuukka Rask, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee early in the summer. He is also ready to go full steam ahead.

“Right now he’s ready to go. … Whether he has a little of stiffness, which is a normal thing for anybody coming off surgery, we’ll be able to tell more as we grind through camp here,” said Julien. “But right now there’s no limitations for Tuukka and we’re going to go about it as though he’s 100 percent.”

The Bruins will have two on-ice practices Saturday at the Garden at 1o a.m. and 12:30. The practices are free and open to the public.