Advanced statistics are in their infancy compared to baseball, but in the great tradition of Baseball Prospectus a talented group of writers will once again bring you Hockey Prospectus this season.

The book will hit shelves in time for the season openers and is also available on

I can attest that this is a handy tool for anyone interested in projecting how well a player will perform — for personal or fantasy hockey purposes — or to just nail down exactly why some guys seem to thrive or struggle in certain situations or on certain teams.

Hockey Prospectus breaks down all 30 teams and just about every player in the NHL. This year’s Bruins section includes an explanation of what makes Zdeno Chara great, what the Bruins’ great goaltending from last season means for the future and also breaks down which way the power-play will go after a lackluster 2010-11 season.

Slowly but surely GMs and scouts are starting to let analytics seep into their assessments of players. So this is your chance to get a jump on some guys in those position who haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet. Hockey Prospectus is a great way to prepare for the 2011-12 season and an excellent companion to keep next to you as you watch the games all season long.