Courtesy Boston Bruins/Babineau

BOSTON – He’s in town for a couple days to pick up his ring, reminisce about old times and finally help raise the 2010-11 Stanley Cup championship banner to the TD Garden rafters Thursday.

Mark Recchi also decided to throw a little tease into the equation.

“I’m tempted every day. Absolutely,” the now-retired future Hall-of-Famer said about a potential comeback after the Bruins ring ceremony at the Boston Harbor Hotel last night. “Six weeks it takes me to get back in shape.”

Recchi’s proclamation was part good humor, part red wine and part an obvious desire to reform the bonds he and his Bruins teammates of last season, many of whom are still part of the team’s roster, formed on their way to history. Instead of going to the front of the net or speaking up in the dressing room between periods, however, Recchi’s only roles this week will ceremonious in nature. He’ll aid in the banner raising and, he says, have a surprise for the Bruins’ lucky jacket, which he kept after the Bruins prevailed in Game 7 of the Cup Final in Vancouver.

Bruins players who are known for their grit and toughness were clearly touched after getting their rings, which is pictured here. There are more than 300 diamonds in the piece. Shawn Thornton was nearly speechless and choked up a bit and other Bruins seemed as astonished as they were excited by their new jewelry.

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As for Recchi, he says he just started working out again after three months. Retirement seems to be treating him well, as it has Shane Hnidy. The former defenseman also came back to town. He’ll soon be starting as the radio commentator for Winnipeg Jets games. Michael Ryder, who signed with Dallas over the summer, was a third ex-Bruins player who made the return trip to pick up his hardware. Defenseman Tomas Kaberle, now with Carolina, passed on the invitation to return to Boston. He’ll get his ring when the Bruins visit Raleigh Oct. 12.

The debate raged after the ceremony whether the players would wear them. Thornton joked that he’d like to keep his finger so he probably wouldn’t wear it around Charlestown. Brad Marchand said he’s wear it on a “hot date” with his finger out the window.

Whether they wear it or not, the ring will serve as a lifelong reminder of what the 2011 Bruins accomplished last June.