Corvo/By S. Bradley

WILMINGTON, Mass. — The NHL didn’t hand down any discipline to Ottawa forward Kyle Turris for his hit to the head of Boston’s Joe Corvo Saturday night.

Fortunately for Corvo, he gets a chance at doling out his own discipline just three nights later.

Corvo today after practice at Ristuccia Arena voiced his displeasure with the hit and Turris’ explanation that he slowed down and in an attempt to avoid hitting Corvo from behind instead nailed the blueliner in the head. Now we can expect to see some fireworks when the Bruins host the Senators Tuesday night.

“That’s ridiculous. I think if you look back at the game before [in Boston Jan. 31], I hit him clean in center ice,” said Corvo. “I made it a point not to get my elbow up in his face. But apparently he didn’t give me the same courtesy.

“So, let’s just say I’ll be looking for him right off the bat.”

Corvo said he’s still suffering from a headache but that he’s passed the required tests to keep playing. He participated in the full practice today.

“Two days of walking around, I’ve got a headache. Just because I didn’t lie on the ice and get carted off or miss a period … I don’t know. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a cheap shot,” said Corvo. “In my opinion, I think he saw my numbers and he took the opportunity to seek revenge from the game prior.

“Hopefully he’s a man and he’s going to step up tomorrow when I come after him. I’m not going to try and hurt him, I’m going to try to fight him.”